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Welcome to our Wonderfully Made Messy Church page!

It is with regret that “In light of the Government guidance around non-essential contact, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have issued advice that public worship is suspended until further notice.”

This means Wonderfully Made can’t run for the foreseeable future, but do keep in touch with our Facebook page for livestreams and other goodies!

We’re off for a summer break right now, but we’re back for our next session on Saturday 14th September, 10am – 12 noon at St Lawrence’s Church, Centenary Avenue, Horsley Hill, South Shields, NE34 6SF.

We usually meet on the second Saturday of the month, so our next few are Saturday 5th October (which is the first Saturday due to a regional conference – sorry!) and Saturday 9th November.

Wonderfully Made is Church with a difference!

It’s a fun, relaxed place for the whole family to come together and enjoy fun, food and finding out about God’s love. We aim to be fully accessible to children and families of all abilities, including those with special/additional needs.

Together we take part in multi-sensory crafts & activities, music and dancing, worship and stories, and finish off by enjoying food together. We are a Makaton Friendly Church, so use Makaton signing and the Widget symbol system to help us communicate with everybody who comes.

In January 2018 we were featured on BBC Radio Newcastle – listen to the report here: 

Other Questions Answered!

What happens at Wonderfully Made?

At 10am we start off with an hour of activities to explore as a family – craft based stuff, some books & toys and even a quiet space for if things get a bit too hectic!

At 11am we gather together to sing songs, tell a Bible story & spend some time with God.

At 11:30am we share food and drink, before heading off to whatever the rest of the day has in store!

Isn’t it really just a kids club? Can’t I just drop them off & pick them up?

The idea behind Wonderfully Made Messy Church is that it gives those who come a chance to spend time together as a family, rather than apart. It also gives siblings a chance to do similar things together which, when one or more children has special/additional needs, does not always get to happen outside the home. With this in mind, children need to be accompanied by an adult with responsibility for them.

Can I park at the church?

We have a couple of parking spaces in front of the vicarage fence, but mostly people have to park along the main road (Centenary Avenue) – sorry! Please do not park in the residential area opposite the church or down the alleyway beside the church (Bishop Ramsay Court) as we get complaints!

My child has particular dietary issues – I’m worried about the food!

We’re trying to keep the food simple & accessible to start with, until we get to know what people can & can’t eat (as well as what they like & dislike!) If you or your child has any particular dietary needs do let us know. Also, if your more comfortable bringing your own food or drink, or need to use particular feeding methods (for example an NG tube or PEG) that’s fine!

How much does it cost per session?

Nothing – it’s completely free! As we are a church congregation in our own right (hence “Messy Church”) you are welcome to make a donation (what the church calls an offering or tithe) if you want to, but this is not expected or required when you come along.

How do I get in touch or ask a question?

You can contact us via our Facebook page or on Twitter (both are @ChurchMadeMessy) or use the contact form below – we’d love to hear from you!

We're Makaton Friendly